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EXP-CL - Minimal Cladding System
Various Configurations + Combination with EXP-P
The EXP-CL system allows the cladding of building facades with straight, vertical or horizontal aluminium profiles, providing contemporary architectural projects with a unique aesthetic appeal thanks to the numerous surface treatments that can be applied. With the available solutions, it is possible to make the coatings with the same colour on the inner and outer layers of the cladding, or by applying different colours to create a contrasting effect. Likewise, it is possible to keep the colour of the adjacent frames or apply a different
treatment. With this system it is possible to practically cover walls or entrance doors made using the pivoting system EXP-P, providing a continuous and harmonious view of the whole. And because it is an aluminium system, it is durable, weather resistant and environmentally friendly. The installation and fixing of the system is done quickly and maintenance and cleaning are made simple.
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